Developed Economy

Since it was established 20 years ago, this development zone has successively attracted more than 2000 projects from USA, Germany, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong, including over 500 projects of over ten million US dollars. It has accumulatively actualized contract utilization foreign-capital of 9 billion US dollars, and has actually utilized foreign capital of 6 billion US dollars. So far, this development zone has stepped into the period of harvest, with such major economic indexes as GDP and fiscal income growing on at an annual rate of over 20%. 


52 world-top-500 enterprises have settled down in this development zone

By 2011, Jiangning Development Zone has brought in a batch of R & D institutes famous at home and abroad including Siemens, Ford, State Power Grid Electric Science Institute and CECT. Ford Auto R & D Center is the first global R & D center Ford has set up in Asia. This zone has 27 postdoctoral workstations and substations. 

Fourteen enterprises in this development zone have gone public at home and abroad, including China Drive, China Sunergy, Sciyon Automation and Gold Wisdom technology.