Since it was established 20 years ago, this development zone has successively attracted more than 2000 projects from USA, Germany, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong, including over 500 projects of over ten million US dollars. It has accumulatively actualized contract utilization foreign-capital of 9 billion US dollars, and has actually utilized foreign capital of 6 billion US dollars. So far, this development zone has stepped into the period of harvest, with such major economic indexes as GDP and fiscal income growing on at an annual rate of over 20%. 


52 world-top-500 enterprises have settled down in this development zone

By 2011, Jiangning Development Zone has brought in a batch of R & D institutes famous at home and abroad including Siemens, Ford, State Power Grid Electric Science Institute and CECT. Ford Auto R & D Center is the first global R & D center Ford has set up in Asia. This zone has 27 postdoctoral workstations and substations. 

Fourteen enterprises in this development zone have gone public at home and abroad, including China Drive, China Sunergy, Sciyon Automation and Gold Wisdom technology.   

Currently, the Development Zone has formed two leading industries, namely, eletronic information and automobile manufacturing, and a number of characteristic industries, for instance, smart grid and power automation, software and service outsourcing, aerodynamic, new energy, headquarters economy and so on.


Electronic Information

Such large IT enterprises as Microsoft, Oracle, Ericsson, Siemens, Toppoly Optoelectronic and Compal Communications have been brought in. Such IT industrial chains as panel display and wireless communication have come into being. It has become national new-type industrialized base (electronic information).

Auto Manufacturing 

Now this development zone has 6 finished auto factories including Chang’an Ford Mazda, Shanghai Volkswagen and Nanjing Iveco. It has more than 120 auxiliary-equipment enterprises including Valeo, TAT and Thyssen Krupp. An industrial chain that integrates R & D, design, test, finished auto manufacturing, logistics, sales and services has come into being. It has become a characteristic industry base of autos and parts and components in Jiangsu Province. 

Characteristic industries 

Smart power grid: More than 60 smart grid enterprises have been brought in, including State Power Grid Electric Science Institute, Nanrui Relay Protection and Guodian Nanjing Automation, covering such industrial links as power generation, power transmission, transformation, distribution, utilization and grid transfer and information communication. In 2011, it was designated by the Ministry of Science and Technology as a national base of smart grid characteristic industry. In the future, it will be built into a smart grid industrial base ranking first-rate in the world and first in China. 

Software and service outsourcing: This zone has world-class software R & D enterprises including Motorola and Ericson, more than 70 domestically-famous software R & D enterprises including ZTESOFT and Golden Wisdom technology, and a batch of service outsourcing projects including Jiangsu Jiqun and Taobao. 

Aerodynamics: More than 30 aviation-oriented projects have been brought in, including Air China Light Power, Air Shenzhen Base, Hangjian Aviation and Jincheng Hansheng. The concentration effect of aviation industry has taken its initial shape. It has become an aerodynamic high-tech industrial base in Jiangsu Province. 

New energy: A batch of leading projects has been brought in, including China Sunergy, GCL Solar Limited, Daqo New Energy and Nanjing High Accurate Drive Equipment. Such industries as wind power equipment manufacturing, solar cell pack have a very high influence in the world. It has been awarded by the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Science and Technology a title of “national innovation base of promoting trade with science and technology” .

Headquarters economy: The development zone has been committed to introducing high-tech research and development centers and regional headquarters of transnational companies. Suyuan, Auchan and other companies have moved into the district headquarters.

Modern logistics: More than 20 key logistical enterprises have been brought in, including FedEx, DHL, ProLogis, PGL and Blogis. This zone endeavors to create a modern logistic base integrating airport logistics, shipping logistics, railway logistics and base logistics. 

Cultural creativity: By relying on Jiangsu Cultural Creativity Industrial Park, it focuses on developing such cultural industries as cartoon production, digital recreation and opera display.


The cluster-style development residential groups have almost formed represented by Bajia Lake Garden, Hubin Century Garden, China Families, Cuiping International Town, Jiangnan Wushu Garden-the residential park for senior experts in Jiangsu Province, Jinyu Lanwan.

The development zone has thus become a popular noble living community in the real estate market of Nanjing City, now having more than 20 living areas of flats and villas with various grades and residential conditions.

This zone has full-time or fulltime-nursery kindergartens matching residential areas, 4 provincial pilot primary schools, 4 modern high schools and 15 colleges. A complete education system from kindergartens to colleges has come into being. 

 The zone has three province-level experimental primary schools including Bajia Lake Primary School, Qingshui Pavilion Primary School and Cuiping Mountain Primary School; four secondary schools with modern teaching facilities including the secondary school of Nanjing Normal University, Baijia Lake Secondary School, Yinghua International School and Qingshui Pavilion Secondary School; and fifteen colleges or universities including the principal campus of Southeast University, the Jiangning Campus of Hehai University, the General Road Campus of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Now a British school is being expanded. International schools including high schools, primary schools and kindergartens will come into being. 


This zone has such hospitals as Nanjing Tongren Hospital (one of top hospitals with 1500 sickbeds) and Branch of Development Zone of Jiangning Hospital, which can meet the medical demand of residents in this zone. One to two hospitals and institutions of recuperation and physical examination with an international standard are being planned for construction.