Environment Friendly

Since its establishment, Jiangning Development Zone has built a beautiful and comfortable ecological environment with building a garden-style and ecological-type new urban area as its objective.

On the one hand, it has vigorously introduced a batch of projects into this zone with a large scale of investment, a high scientific and technological content, a high product grade and a satisfactory economic benefit while implementing a rigid control over their accession at the same time.

On the other hand, by carrying out the separation of the flows of rain water and sewage, it has built rain water draining pipes with a total length of 314.6 kilometers and sewage draining pipelines with a total length of 314.6 kilometers; in order to dispose of sewage and garbage, it has built a sewage disposing plant with a daily handling capacity of 80,000 metric tons and a garbage disposing plant with a daily garbage handling capacity of 60 metric tons; in addition, it has tried to remove the sources of pollution to make this development zone a genuine ecological development zone.

The development has passed the authentication of ISO14001 and ISO9000 long before, with a greening rate of 47%, a green land area of more than 5.7 million square meters and a road greenbelt length of more than 200 kilometers. The environmental construction of this development zone ranked on the top of the list of the various kinds of development zones throughout the province in 2009.