Concentration of High-level Personnel

This zone tries to carry out the action plan of building the base for overseas high-level personnel of innovation and venture, and bring in and bring up leading talented people and innovation teams. Now, this development zone has 35 thousand scientific and technological personages, 6 of whom have been included in the national “1000-people plan”, 1 of whom have been included in the national “10000-people plan”, 13 of whom have been elected into “the double creation plan” of Jiangsu province. In the “12th five-year-plan” period, this zone will emphatically bring in 225 leading personages of scientific and technological entrepreneurship, and 400 high-level personages of innovation and entrepreneurship, including more than 15 personages of national “1000-people plan”. This zone will also build “1000-people mansions” of 60 thousand square meters and 2000 apartment buildings for talented people.  


Thousand person plan expert jiangning ventura building 

Innovation platforms of manufacturers, colleges and research institutes

By fully relying on the scientific education resources of such colleges, universities and institutes as Southeast University, Hohai University, Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Micro System Institute, State Power Grid Electric Science Institute and China Electric Technology No 14 Institute, this zone has established industrial leagues and created platforms of cooperation of manufacturers, colleges and research institutes, and accelerated the local transformation of research findings. By 2015, this zone will create 4 co-constructed college science and technology parks and 8 strategic innovation centers of booming industries. 

Nanjing international center for entrepreneurs