This zone tries to carry out the action plan of building the base for overseas high-level personnel of innovation and venture, and bring in and bring up leading talented people and innovation teams. Now, this development zone has 35 thousand scientific and technological personages, 6 of whom have been included in the national “1000-people plan”, 1 of whom have been included in the national “10000-people plan”, 13 of whom have been elected into “the double creation plan” of Jiangsu province. In the “12th five-year-plan” period, this zone will emphatically bring in 225 leading personages of scientific and technological entrepreneurship, and 400 high-level personages of innovation and entrepreneurship, including more than 15 personages of national “1000-people plan”. This zone will also build “1000-people mansions” of 60 thousand square meters and 2000 apartment buildings for talented people.  


Thousand person plan expert jiangning ventura building 

Innovation platforms of manufacturers, colleges and research institutes

By fully relying on the scientific education resources of such colleges, universities and institutes as Southeast University, Hohai University, Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Micro System Institute, State Power Grid Electric Science Institute and China Electric Technology No 14 Institute, this zone has established industrial leagues and created platforms of cooperation of manufacturers, colleges and research institutes, and accelerated the local transformation of research findings. By 2015, this zone will create 4 co-constructed college science and technology parks and 8 strategic innovation centers of booming industries. 

Nanjing international center for entrepreneurs

The development zone has well-established infrastructures and rich natural resources, with a full and sufficient supply of heat, electricity, gas and telecommunication, as well as a plentiful reserve of fresh water resources, which provides a very good condition for the development of the enterprises that have entered this zone.

This zone vigorously carries out an action plan of promoting investment environment, further advances the construction of infrastructures, raises the resource allocation from the old to the new “nine accessibilities and one leveling”, and creates the preferred site for the venture investment in Nanjing. 


The development zone has set up a "one-stop" administrative service center according to the service tenet of "convenience, considerateness, honesty and high efficiency" to meet the requirements of the international practice and market economy. 

Carrying out the "three stipulations", "five systems" and "two regualtions", the center is fully responsible for the planned construction, project examination and approval, talent introduction, corporate management and other matters within the zone, handling all the procedures from project establishment to receipt of business license, from project construction to formal operation, thus realizing the dream of "handling all concerned affairs in the same place".

The development zone boasts a full set of reasonable and scientific policies and regulations, which provides a powerful policy guarantee for the customers that have entered the zone and ensures their legtimate benefits at the same time, thus enabling the customers to make investment and conduct operation in this development zone with an easy and content mind.



To enhance the project carrying power and industrial supporting power of the development zone, Jiangning Development Zone has been incessantly trying to create new advantages in business promotion to acceletate the introduction of capitals. At present the zone has established the following seven platforms.

Airport Industrial Park Platform: Airport Industrial Park has unfolded its development framework of 50 square km, and brought in over 200 projects. The concentration effect of such characteristic industries as aerodynamics and universal aviation, new energy and medical equipment has taken its initial shape. In the future, a national airport-adjacent economic demonstration zone first-rate in China will be built up according to international standard. It will become a pioneering area for Nanjing to build itself into a city famous for shipping (aviation) and comprehensive hub. 
Automobile Industries Base Platform: has specially assigned the three plots of A,B and C for developing automobile-related industries; has introduced more than 180 automobile-related projects.
Jiangsu Software Park Platform: Jiangsu Software Park is the southern wing of “one valley and two parks” of the strategy of China (Nanjing) Software Famous City. With a planned area of 16 square km, it includes Dongji Valley and Jishan Software Park.

Dongji Valley focuses on developing such new-type forms as software R & D, service outsourcing, cultural creativity and industrial design and building public technical service platforms including “cloud computing” center, so as to become an innovation city and a wisdom valley with a garden-like environment, campus-like culture, home-like life and paradise-like venture.

Jishan Community centers around such industries as smart power grid, new energy and communication, builds professional incubators, accelerators, workshops, apartment buildings and auxiliary facilities, and creates a community of venture, innovation and originality.

Jishan Software Park focuses on creating such industrial functions and auxiliary projects as personnel training, business consultancy, public technology, risk investment and information software, and endeavors to build itself into an international community of software industry.

Educational Function Platform:Presently 15 colleges or universities including Southeast University, Hehai University, Nanjing Engineering University have entered this platform, with 220 thousand teachers and students. This platform is not only the concentration area of higher education and scientific research industry, but also the new platform of absorbing high-quality resource elements.
Comprehensive Bonded Zone Platform:has built 180 thousand square meters of standard plants and subsidiary houses;has introduced 23 enterprises, with a total investment of 830 million US dollars, 16 of which have been put into operationl presenting its total import and export amount ranks the fourth among all the comprehensive bonded zone of various kinds across the province.
China Wireless Vallery Platform:It takes the National Laboratory of Communications Technology of Southeast University as the core, accelerates the construction of the industrial base gathering various technology research centers, public test platforms, and enterprises engaged in development and production of a new generation of broadband wireless communications technology, and makes every effort to build a "Wireless Valley" of communications industry at international level. At present, the company is energetically creating 10 largest innovating carriers, for instance, Qidi Technology Park of Tsinghua University, Environmental Protection Technology Park of Peking University, Research & Development Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Pioneer Park of Returned Doctors.
Zhongchuang Science & Technology Company Platform: Established in May 2009, Nanjing Zhongchuang Technology Investment Co., Ltd. performs the function as an entity of innovation environment on behalf of Jiangning Development Zone. It chiefly carries out four solutions, including the cooperation of manufacturer, college and research institutes, the innovation and entrepreneurship of high-level personnel, the construction of innovation environment and the construction of an international quality life community. It ranks among the first in Jiangsu Province in the construction of a regional innovation system. 
Jiulonghu International Enterprise Headquarters Zone Platform : Located on the west side of jiulonghu and the second phase of the development center area of Jiangning Development Zone.The master plan was designed by the German Roen Architectural Design Company,and the total area is 104 acres.It had passed the plan of the construction of 13 buildings(now built 12),with a total construction area of about 340,000 square meters.It's a set of headquarters office, innovation and research and development, functional support in one of the international standard integrated headquarters Economic Park.

It is mainly engaged in gathering and serving the world's top 500 enterprises, multinational corporations, listed companies, domestic well-known enterprises such as headquarters-based enterprises or regional and functional headquarters institutions, strategic emerging industries with independent intellectual property rights, and high-growth high-end Tech enterprises, and advisory bodies, firms, high-end supporting high-end business and other modern service enterprises.


Mover, a number of development platforms for specialized and chrematistic industries of power automation industry bases, service outsourcing demonstration zones and cultural and creative industry parks at national level, are increasinglu becoming important carriers and bases for investment and industrial development.